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Bors Automation & Tool AB

BORS Automation & Tool AB -an exceptional tool specialist BORS Automation & Tool AB was founded 2006 in connection with alteration of generations within the family. BORS Automation & Tool AB is a subsidiary to Bors Verktygs AB wich was founded in 1958 and has since been run as a successful family business. BORS is a company that has excelled itself in genuine craftmanship with traditional tool-making in combination with new technology with all its possibilities. Far-reaching cooperation in demanding projects has helped us develop into specialists in product solutions for sheet metal and tube processing. We stand for quality, ability, experience and new-thinking.Through our genuine knowledge and experience with regard to material, design and various possibilities, we can offer solutions for cost savings and efficiency in your manufacturing.

Изготовитель / Производитель - Металлургия и металлообработка

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33015, Sweden, Bor, Drömminge Eklunden

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  • +46 370 650090
  • +46 370 658856
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