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INVITA, s.r.o.

INVITA Co. Ltd. was established in Košice in 2007. Company’s head office is located in Košice, branch mill is in Košice, Jazerná 3, situated on area of 50 190 m2. Manufacturing and storage facilities cover area of 14 068 m2 and allow easy access for trucks. Whole area is near railway and main road. The main activity of the company is mechanical production, wholesale and retail of steel profiles and tubes (hollow sections, pipes). Company operates two lines for lenghtwise dividing sheets, four profiling lines for the productions of closed sections and one line producing thread pipes.Products of INVITA are guaranteed by certificates of quality and verify strict domestic and international standards. In order to guarantee offer of high quality products and services in European Union. INVITA has applied ISO 9001:2008 certification standards.  

Изготовитель / Производитель - Металлургия и металлообработка

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040 12, Slovakia, Kosice, Jazerná 3

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  • +421 55 7860624
  • +421 90 3608786
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