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Sakamura Machine Co. Ltd.

Sakamura is a manufacturer of "formers" that produce various parts, such as bolts, nuts, automobile engine parts and high tension bolts for high-rise buildings, from coil cutoff blanks.At Sakamura, we place the highest priority on customer satisfaction, and in order to meet our customers wide range of needs, we have adopted a design philosophy of "high speed, high precision forming, and cost competitiveness."We are making efforts to speed up the entire work process, not only by increasing our production speed, but also by reducing the set-up time and the adjustment time after set-up.We pride ourselves in achieving a high precision net shape by transferring our products formed from sharply cutoff blanks to outside the machine without any dents.In addition, we aim to improve ourselves, along with our customers, by proposing forming methods for cost competitive special parts.We, at Sakamura, are committed to giving our customers the most advanced forging technology aveilable in the industry.

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613-0035, Japan, Kyoto, 46 Tominoshiro Shimotsuya Kumiyama-Cho, Kuse-Gun

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