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OMD Officina Meccanica Domaso S.p.A.

O.M.D. produces spring grinding machines, coiling machines, torsion spring coiling machines and bending machines realized for the manufacturing of torsion or tension springs, coiling benches for cold and hot coiled springs , chamfering machines and cold setting or hot setting equipments as well as machines based on customers specific requirements. O.M.D. in cooperation with qualified and experienced spring manufacturers, offers to its customers innovative and reliable solutions and complete installations for spring production, located in Italy and in foreign countries, especially related to valve, clutch and injector pump springs. Moreover, O.M.D. offers a wide range of integrated products as furnaces, reel carriers, measuring and control devices suitable for the spring manufacture industry.

Изготовитель / Производитель - Металлургия и металлообработка

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22013, Italy, Domaso/CO, Via Case Sparse, 205

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