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D.R.T. snc

Thanks to the 50 years experience , D.R.T. snc is a leading company in the production of metal bellows for safety and control valves . Our bellows are designed and produced based on customers’ requests and needs, and they are able to guarantee safety, long service life and pressure up to 600 bar for bellows valves. It has a surface area of 5000 square meters, including two factory areas, offices and warehouses. Always aiming to be at the forefront of technological development, and keeping a careful eye on both market trends and customer needs, the company designs and produces its own pipe and bellow making machinery. Our products are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. The certificates are issued by TUV. All of our production undergoes a range of certified checks, tests and controls; leak testing is performed using Leybold and Alcatel mass spectrometry equipment. In addition, we can also make radiographic tests and analysis of raw materials certified by external organization. On demand, we can carry out penetrating liquid tests, test our bellows global duration and issue the accompanying certificate.

Изготовитель / Производитель - Металлургия и металлообработка

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20093, Italy, Cologno Monzese (MI), Viale Brianza 111/9

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