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Wujiang City Longda Textile Co., Ltd.

Where are your goods mainly exported?

Our products are mainly exported to dozens of countries including the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, and Thailand.

How is the goods delivered to the customer?

Usually we ship by sea, because we are in Wujiang, we are only 100 kilometers away from Shanghai Port, and the sea export is very convenient. Of course, if the customer's goods are urgent, we can also air, Shanghai International Airport is very close to us.

What is the payment method?

When you quote, we will confirm with you the trading method, FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. In mass production, we usually pay 30% advance payment first, then see the balance of the bill of lading. Most of the payment methods are T/T, of course, L/C is also acceptable.

How does your company guarantee product quality?

Each of our processes has a dedicated staff member, and the finished fabric is fully inspected according to the standard.

Manufacturer / Producer - Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Service Provider - Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Distributor - Textiles, Clothing, Leather

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No.1,Building 9,Waimao Business District, Shengze Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, China

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