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UNICAST Development Company

The Unicast Ceramic Molding Process offers the simplicity of sand casting while still offering the quality of precision casting. Inexpensive to use and operate, the Unicast Process can be employed in any shop with a minimum of special equipment. Using ordinary patterns of wood, metal, plaster, epoxy, STLs, etc., a ceramic slurry is poured which, when set, forms a highly refractory mold. Castings produced from these molds offer a close degree of tolerance combined with exceptional surface finish. There are virtually no alloy limitations and most of the standard ferrous or non-ferrous foundry alloys can be readily cast. By introducing a Unicast ceramic core into a traditional sand process, the benefits of both processes can be obtained to create a smooth precision internal cavity at competitive costs and impressive lead times. Cores produced by ceramic molding are ideally suited to this type of application. The core is prepared simply by pouring a fast setting ceramic slurry into a corebox (typically the same one previously used for sand), extracting the hardened core and precuring and firing before use. Corebox vanes can be fixed or loose depending upon the particular design and characteristics of removal. In addition, there is now also a steadily increasing use of expendable wax vanes, which are simply left in place for subsequent meltout during precuring. This alleviates the time-consuming removal associated with ordinary loose vanes made of metal or plastic.

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