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  The Alicon group is a union of Alicon Castalloy Ltd (formerly known as Enkei Castalloy), Atlas Castalloy Ltd., Silicon Meadows Design Ltd, Silicon Meadows Engineering Services Ltd & Illichmann castalloy,GmbH & s.r.o grouped under one umbrella. The name for the group company ‘alicon’ is coined from the words ‘aluminum’ and ‘ikon’’. alicon is a conglomerate that reflects a group of companies coming together to form a large, trusted and respectable entity with the vision and passion to go with it.Today we are one of the largest integrated aluminium casting manufacturing Group in India offering end-to-end solutions across the entire value chain and delivering best-in-class Gravity & Low Pressure aluminium casting (Sand Casting/ Gravity Die Casting / Low Pressure Die Casting) to our customers at the most optimal costs. We are also pioneers of the unique Pie system for low pressure die casting – a system which enhances productivity with minimum utilization of resources like machines, space and manpower.Technical expertise from Enkei Japan has helped in establishing one of the most advanced manufacturing systems in India for aluminum die cast products. alicon group currently leads the Indian market in manufacturing cylinder heads for two wheelers and 4 wheelers. alicon group has the distinction of being a single source supplier of many critical engine parts to some of India’s largest OEMs.alicon group is growing rapidly at almost 100% each year for the last 3 years,both in domestic and International markets. In continuation of its growth pursuit, alicon is aggressively targeting international customers and has a vision to achieve sales of 1000 Crores by 2015-16 for the alicon group. The main site is located at Shikrapur, Pune with 1500 employees while the other site is at Gurgaon in North India. Plans for the new plant are under finalization which is expected to come up at Pantnagar, Uttaranchal. Diverse presence of Alicon group across sectors: Auto Sector Two Wheeler Passenger Vehicle/Utility Vehicle Trucks(3Wheeler,SCV,LCV,M&HCV) Non-Auto Sector Agriculture Aero & Marine Locomotive Infrastructure Energy Defense Medical & Health

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