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Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of our first foundry in 1927,the Kimura Group 's objective has remained constant : to develop and refine casting technology in order to produce castings of the highest quality for our customers. The Full Mold Casting (FMC) process, which we began to use in 1966, was a major technological innovation. This process had great potential but, as is often the case with new technologies, presented new difficulties and problems. We persevered in our efforts to overcome the drawbacks and after some years decided to abandon the conventional casting method and concentrate exclusively on the FMC process. The next leap forward came when we succeeded in applying digital technology to the model-making process, thereby not only simplifying the transfer of data from our customers but also ensuring greater accuracy in the model. Today, the Kimura Group is known throughout the world for its proficiency with the FMC process and we undertake work from an ever broadening industrial spectrum. But our desire to improve and expand the FMC technique - to push back the boundaries - is as firm as ever. We look forward to utilizing our expertise on your behalf.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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411-0905, Japan, Shizuoka, 1157, Nagasawa Shimizu-Cho Sunto-Gun

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