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Jun-En Enterprise Corp.

JUN-EN (JEC), since 1987, is a leading manufacturer of metal mesh products and machineries from Taiwan. As a machine user and manufacturer, we have continuously put our effort on the improvement of quality and user experience. Our metal mesh production line has developed and grown to be mature for a variety of customer needs. We have become the total solution provider of metal mesh products such as expanded metal, perforated metal, conveyor mesh belts, razor barbed wire, chain link fence and welded mesh products. Over the past few decades, JEC has exerted its professional know-how and experiences in the area as a solid foundation to develop the state-of-the-art metal mesh making machines. For sheet metal mesh products, we not only provide the most efficient expanded metal machines and perforated metal machines, but also angle bead and plaster stop bead production line, brickwork reinforcing mesh machines, and hy-rib mesh machines. For wire metal mesh products, we developed various kinds of advanced machines like barbed wire machines, reverse twisted barbed wire machines, concertina razor wire production line, chain link fencing machines, hexagonal wire machines, and gabion machines. Our strength is to utilize the actual on-site operation experiences and technical exchange from our customers in the improvement of our own machines. Recently, JEC brand has earned its fame in the world, therefore; we are determined to keep the inspiration, passion, and quality of the JEC products and services always be above expectations from our customers.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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814, Taiwan, Kaohsiung, 89, Bade 2nd Rd., Renwu District

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