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Henan Best Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd.

Henan Best Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd. is located in Gongyi City, Henan Province. We possess strategic location and convenient transportation, 3km away from Kai-Luo Highway, 4km away from Longhai Railway, 7km away from No. 310 State Road, 20km away from Longhai Highspeed Railway. It is 46km from BEST to Dengfeng Shaolin Temple and 50km from BEST to Northern-Wei Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang. BEST is located in Gongyi City with beautiful scenery and historical relics, with 2 national-level cultural relics including Northern Song Dynasty Imperial Tombs and Northern Wei Grottoes Temple, 12 relics of provincial level, 8 relics of Zhenzhou level and 57 relics of Gongyi level. Established in 2009, with a total investment of 30 million USD, Henan Best Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 70000 square meters and staffs of 450 personnel. BEST has applied the most advanced and sophisticated equipment, including straight wire drawing machines, semi-finished wire drawing machines, heat treatment and brass plating lines with water-cooled functions, wet-drawing machines, testing equipment and more. Now we have an annual output capacity of 60,000 tons of steel wires for high-pressure reinforced rubber hoses. Along with the accelerated process of national modernization, the hydraulic system used in engineering, mining, oil-drilling, aerospace and other industrial machinery needs higher requirements. Rubber hose playing an important role in these hydraulic systems needs new requirements. It has been improved quickly in production processes, materials, structures and others. Steel wire with high strength, high toughness and high quality has been more and more used as reinforced material in high-pressure rubber hoses. Being used with reliable heat treatment and brass-coated technology in the production process, our steel wires have been more stable not only to enhance the quality of rubber hose, but also to increase adhesion between wire and rubber. The main specifications of the steel wire for rubber hose reinforcement that we can produce include 0.25mm, 0.28mm, 0.295mm, 0.30mm, 0.38mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm,0.60mm,0.65mm and 0.70mm. We can also produce steel wire with the diameter from 0.20mm to 0.80mm as per clients' requirements. We have financial and technical advantages, a professional management team, advanced management modes and first-class staff. Adhering to the business purpose of "integrity, win-win, efficiency and creation" and the spirit of "work hard to build first-class excellent company", we will try our best to provide the best products and services for our customers and aim to be one of the best manufacturers of steel wire products worldwide.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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451200, China, Gongyi City, Zhengzhou, Henan, Jiaowan Village, Kangdian Town

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