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Odelya International Steel Industry & Trade Co.

ODELYA® is a renown finished steel supplier offering premium class service. We provide wide range of tubular, flat and long steel products for many applications.  Founded in 2004, ODELYA® was born so as to satisfy the need of high class project service management for steel pipe industry. Thanks to our trust-worthy and fast service, we have gained a noticeable reputation as a project management service provider, in international business circles. In addition to ODELYA®'s some deeply-rooted corporate policies such as quality assurance and speed in service, we also rely on our large-scale portfolio of reliable partners with whom we are in a close collaboration, both in Turkey and worldwide. The common sense of caring about quality and speed in service gather ODELYA® and our partners. We sincerely invite you to feel the comfort of fast and reliable solutions, proudly put at your disposal… ________________________________________________________________Conveying more...No matter how long, where used…In modern usage, it is not a surprise to see Odelya steel tubes in many applications, ranging from plumbing for water & gas conveyance to offshore applications for oil-transportation. We convey the significance that matters for you… ________________________________________________________________Challenged to build the futurewide-range of shapes & sizesEach project’s material and design requirements essentially vary. Variety of shapes and sizes allows more competitive, energy-saving, and aestetic solutions. In each specific case, we are challenged more to provide the best, until the next one comes along… ________________________________________________________________Trust on the Strenght of Steellight-weight & excellent propertiesLongevity and relatively easy application opportunities make steel privileged as one of the main components of many structures. However, choosing the most appopriate material requires availability of wide range of steel grades and technical know-how. ________________________________________________________________Complete Project Managementcomprehensive approach to assure a smooth & safe delivery From the early beginning, we carefully arrange and manage each step of a project, to relieve any technical and commercial concern. A well-organized production and shipment plan, along with sophisticated inspection schedule are the key factors to achieve the desired result. ________________________________________________________________Perfection may exist!comprehensive quality managementPerfection is not the outcome, but at the core of our aspiration. To get closer to ‘perfection’, we appoint independent third party inspection and coordinate the inspection plan of the production and loading steps.________________________________________________________________Where Steel Matterswide variety of steel products for various purposes…Odelya aims to be your reliable partner for the requirements of any kinds of structural and industrial steel products, including steel tubing and any other long & flat steel products. Because, we know where steel matters most!________________________________________________________________Steel for a Greener Societyrecyclable and durable steel solutionsWe are still hopeful to create greener societies. Longevity of the material and low-energy needs of steel production allow us to respect for the enviorenment than ever!________________________________________________________Path to global public healthsafer coating and lining solutions for water & gas pipesProper selection of lining and coating, quality tests to be applied… All those factors come to the forefront, when safety really matters…  

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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34722, Turkey, Istanbul, Egitim mah. Kasap Ismail sk. Sadikoglu, Plaza 5 No 11/35

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