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Beijing Huimingxun Fiber Techn. Co., Ltd

Beijing Huimingxun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.which was established in 2005, the company headquarters is located in China's capital Beijing. The corperate is founded nearly ten years as an innovation-type private enterprise, by virtue of continuous innovation, the courage and pioneering spirit, the company's business has made great development in recent years. The company's businesses are two parts. The first part is independent R&D and distributor of raw materials of fiber optic cable. Independent R&D products are banding yarn, glass fiber, KFRP, ripcord and so on; Distributing products are Aramide yarn, polyethylene, optical fiber and so on. The second part is product manufactured by Aramide yarn. The main products are aramide fabric, aramid prepreg, body armor, bullet-proof helmets. After several years of development, the company has now become a professional supplier of fiber optic cable raw materials and aramide products manufacturing enterprises. Since be founded in 2005, the company always adhere to market-oriented, combined with the optical fiber communication industry development opportunities, and constantly develop the new products. The company has established the ISO9001 quality system; all products can meet the National industry standards. With the spirit of continuous innovation and bold pioneering, the corperate has develop quickly as well as the business scope continuously extend, which all these has formed a strong economic foundation, strong relation network, perfect product resources and personnel configuration. In the future years, we will adhering the concept of “Scientific Research is the first, while manufacture is the base.” Continuously to develop and build its own strength, strive to develop the talent strategy, take full play to all the advantages, Occupy the market and technology in firstly, Stable to develop the company business, all this make the company continues to keep the first-class enterprise level industry and get great development!

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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