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Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Powerway Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. is the core business of Powerway Group, Powerway Group is the first batch of innovative enterprises certified by the state, is a national post-doctoral stations, the state validated enterprise technical centers and national accredited laboratories, the Company fully Bravo Group inherited the R & D capabilities, is the national key high-tech enterprises. Founded in 1993, the registered capital of 16 million yuan, covers an area of 25 square meters, more than 1,200 employees, mainly in high-performance, high-precision non-ferrous alloy materials development, production and sales of products for the copper alloy material the main bar, wire and strip the environmental alloy materials, functional alloy, alloy materials and energy-saving alternative alloys are widely used in electronic communications, aerospace industry, hardware and machinery, precision molds, home appliances, glasses, vessels, instruments, etc. 30 multiple industries, for industrial enterprises to provide high quality industrial food. Company development of high-performance alloy materials, has been successfully used in the shenzhou 1--no. 8 series the spacecraft, 1, 2, and 1 spacecraft probe temple. The company leading environmental lead-free cutting brass alloy series, new deformation zinc alloy (copper alloy substitute materials) project is the national "" science and technology support projects. The company leading or participate in our country copper alloy bars and wires and a national standard and two industry standards, and guide our country alloy material industry fast development. The company has 179 R & D and technical staff, including 6 senior, PhD 4, has assumed the national technology innovation fund projects 2, 3 projects of National Torch Plan, the National "Eleventh Five-Year" Technology Support Program Project 2, the company has created a U.S. invention patents, 11 national invention patents, while a German patent applications and 10 national invention patent application has been accepted. Alloy materials in environmental protection, alternative alloy materials, functional materials and energy-saving alloy materials in the field are more than 10 types of new materials to carry out research and development, industrial development of China's new food, and has become the industry leading non-ferrous alloys Materials R & D leader. Companies build a complete operating system, covering strategic, financial, human, operational and other management areas. Companies from the corporate culture since the late nineties, in 2004 improved the corporate culture and management system; call center set up in 2007 to enhance the integration of service capabilities; 2008, the introduction of world-class SAP system, a comprehensive implementation of information management. Uphold the "beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, the company is committed to providing to meet the needs of the times of the alloy material, for the community to save the resources for customers to reduce costs.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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315135, China, Ningbo, Binhai Industry Zone, Zhanqi Town, Yinzhou District

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