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Comsuc Technology Development Ltd.

CST (Comsuc Technology Development Limited) is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of plastic reels and steel bobbins in China, there are two production sites in our company, which they separately manufacture high quality plastic reel, plastic bobbin, plastic spool, metal reel, steel bobbin & steel drum for wire and cable industry.Besides main local market, there are following characters to keep us increasedly export to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, Etc. meanwhile, our company get high reputation worldwide. - Approach Customers RegularlyOur sales people often approach with customers, to collect customer's requirements, feedback or improve advice and forward them to the relevant department in time.Meanwhile, our sales people are also familiar to every country's market demands, regulation and legal. - Various Production AbilityManufacturing both plastic and steel reels variously from wire drawing, stranding, cabling, to package, and the applicable products from copper wires, magnet wires, steel wires, communication cables, optical cables to steel ropes. - Professional Technical TeamA professional and experienced technical design team to understand and meet customers' requirements. - Strictly Quality Control SystemFrom inquiry, quotation, order, production till delivery, we always check, design, confirm each drawing which issued to our customer as per their application requirements, and we strictly fulfill quality control system according to ISO 9001 to keep high quality products and stable quality. - Product InnovationCST trust that innovation are critical to a company's further development. CST will constantly pursue innovative product. To achieve this, CST would focus a lot on marketing research to identify client's needs, which is a driving force of innovation.The substantial investment will be input R&D, manufacturing facilities, testing equipment and personnel make sure that all of the good ideas are well put into effect.CST is confidient of becoming the pioneer of innovation in plastic reels and steel drums. - OEM/ODM WelcomedExcept DIN and IEC standard products, we can also make the reel & bobbin with a modified specifications, just forward us your idea, drawing, specifications or samples, CST are pleased to serve OEM/ODM from all over the world.  

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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200135, China, Shanghai, Room 2005, Dragon Pearl Plaza No. 2123, Pudong Ave.

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