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Suzhou Furui Copper Alloy Technology Co., Ltd.

Taicang Fuhao Copper Products Co., Ltd.(hereafter called Fuhao Copper) is a privately share-holding company in China since 1998. It is the most competitive copper-alloy complex in China at present, with ISO9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. In 2008, Fuhao Copper registered a sales revenue of RMB 1.26billion, a total assets of RMB 0.583billion and a net assets of RMB 0.390billion;with employees are 680peoples. With efforts and hard-working of the staff over years, Fuhao Copper has achieved high-speed development and ranked as one of the leading international companies for copper alloy tubes. In August of 1998, the construction of Fuhao Copper started in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, China. In 2000, the company moved to Taicang Fuhao Development Zone. In 2006, “Heat-exchanger tube branch factory” started. In 2008, centering on supply chain, technical chain and resource utilization chain, Fuhao Copper increased the consolidation of internal and external resources to enhance competitiveness and raise industrial status, as a result of which the business structure including main copper alloy processing and new copper alloy designing business and relatively diversified sectors has preliminarily taken shape. The main copper alloy business of Fuhao Copper focuses on the production of high tech and high value-added premium copper alloy, with annual production capacity around 25,000metric tons. Fuhao Copper’s products sell well at home and abroad. Its copper alloy industry covers nine major categories: Heat Exchanger Tubes in Copper Alloy, Brass tubes in Binary Copper-Zinc Alloy, Capillary Tube in Copper alloy, Inner Grooved and Finned Tubes in Copper Alloy, Nickel and Nickel-Copper Tubes, Aluminum Bronze Tubes, Complex Brass for Synchronizer Ring, Bimetallic tubes in Copper Alloy, Shape Tubes in Copper Alloy; which are widely applied in the sectors of Seawater desalination, Ship building, Thermal& Nuclear Power, Petrochemical, Automobile, Bathroom, Electronic Instrument, Chemical, Telecommunication, Machinery manufacturing, etc. While maintaining its dominance in domestic copper alloy market, Fuhao Copper are also exported to over 30countries and regions including Europe, America, Australia, and Japan. Fuhao Copper underlines environmental protection, implements clean production, develops circular economy and pursues sustainable development; It also cares for the differentlyabled persons and help them to take active in social life; moreover, the company values the training& self-promotion& self-realization of employees, the continuous & reasonable repay to shareholders, the contributions to the economy of local area. In 2009, Fuhao Copper has put forward that the mission is “to transfer the power of technology” and the vested strategic target is to turn itself into a world-class company worldwide, which owns Independent Research Ability and powerful competitiveness and is socially responsible, and which is featuring “the most powerful copper-alloy-tube making capability and the appropriately developed diversification. In the new situation, the development ideology of Fuhao Copper is optimized as: centering on the main route of “premium copper alloy plus building new facilities” for future development. To complete the change from regional distribution to nationwide distribution, achieve breakthrough in internationalized distribution and enter top three in global copper alloy industry in terms of comprehensive competitiveness.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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215415, China, Taicang City, Jiangsu, No. 1. Wenzhou Industrial Park

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