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Yangzhou Tengfei Electric Cable and Appliance Materials Co., Ltd.

Located in Anyi Industrial Zone of Baoying Yangzhou City Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 28,000 square meters, YangZhou Tengfei Electric Cable and Appliance Materials Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign cooperation enterprise. It is a high and new technical and non-governmentally operated enterprise. It owns The Fellow Workstation and The Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu Province. It owns twelve intellectual properties in the field of Cable materials.The company has completed test equipments and has passed the ISO9001-2000 and ISO 14001. All the products are produced in accordance with standards of the ROHS. More Than 40% of the products exported to Europe, Southeast Asia.The leading products are:1.Semi-conductive Nylon Tape, Semi-conductive Tetoron Tapes, Semi-conductive Water-blocking Tape, Semi-conductive Cushion Water-blocking Tape, Semi-conductive Water-blocking Metal Shield Flame Retardant Wearing Tape, Semi-conductive Cotton Tape, Flame Retardant Semi-conductive Cotton Tape, Semi-conductive Nonwoven Tape.2.Flame Retardant Non-woven Tape, High Fire Resistant Low Smoke & No Halogen Tape, Flame Retardant Mica Tape, High Fire Resistant Polyester Film Tape.3.Copper Foil, Copper/Polyester Composite Tape, Aluminum/Polyester Composite Tape, Mica/ Aluminum Foil Composite Tape, Copper/ Aluminum Foil Composite Tape.4.Polyester Tape, Polyamid Film, Thin Non-Woven Tape, GRPP Tape, Strengthened Light Non-Woven Tape, High Temperature Resistant Full Chromatogram Polypropylene Tape.5.Water-blocking Tape, Water-blocking Filling Rope, Water-blocking Yarn, Semi-conductive Water-blocking Filling Rope, Semi-conductive Filling Rope.6.High Temperature Resistant Filling Rope(special for rubber sheathed flexible cable and marine cable, melting point 270℃, super soft, light, environmental protection), lnor ganic Paper Rope.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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225800, China, Baoying County, East of Qixin Road, Anyi Industrial, Zone

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