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Xuzhou Lint Top Cable Technology Co., Ltd.

LINT TOP CABLE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is one Brazilian/Chinese group with rich experience and professional technology in electrical wire & cable(low/medium voltage) field. We offer best producing machineries and test equipments as well as technical assistance including installation, trail running, training operators and trouble shooting. We are mainly specialized in the following machineries and equipments: - Upward Continuous Casting Line For Copper Rod (Up 10.000 Ton/Year)- CCR Line For Copper/Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy Rod- Extrusion Lines(Up 132kv)- Partial Discharge test system for Medium Voltage cables/high voltage cables (Up 132kv)- Moisture Cross-linking system faster than traditional ways- Drawing Machines For Copper/Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy Rod- High Speed Tubular Stranders ( Up 810mm Bobbins)- Rigid Stranders For 6+12+18+24+30 Bobbins ( Up 630mm ).......................In particular we offer the economical package for production and test of Medium Voltage(35KV) cables, Silane moisture cured technology included. In any area for producing and testing electrical cables, we are sure to give our customers a broad and concise technical support under economical principle. We can also supply machinery and technical service as a turn key project and other ways. We have successful cases in Africa, Central and South Americas, like Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Angola, etc.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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221006, China, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu, 1-606, Hengshengjiayuan West Fangzhi, Road, Quanshan District,

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