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KONFU Enterprise Co., Ltd.

KONFU Enterprise Ltd. is established in 1975, and engaged in fastener industry. Konfu invested in many factories, which provide the following products: 1. Fastener forming tools factories: Equipped with vacuum heat treatment furnace made by B.M.I., France and tin coating equipment. These factories produce high quality punches, pins, thread rolling dies, and tungsten carbide dies, which are used for manufacturing screws, rivets, and nuts. 2. Machine Factories: Which produce nail making machines, rivet making machines, bolt former, thread rolling machines. 3. Fastener factory: Equipped with several different type of bolt former and thread rolling machines, including 1-die 2-blow, 2-die 2-blow, 2-die 3-blow, 2-die 4-blow, 3-die 3-blow, and 4-die 4-blow bolt former, producing special screw and rivets. Because of the excellent reputation held by Konfu, we are supported by many companies and factories in fastener field. Base on this, Konfu has complete experience in fastener industry, and makes our products worldwide sale in nearly 60 countries. The following products and service are what we supply and provide: 1. Material: Various of wire rods, including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless wire rods. 2. Machines: We provide all kinds of screw forming machines, nut formers, rivet formers, and nail making machines, from low-priced traditional machines to advanced 5 station and 6 station bolt former. 3. Fastener forming tools: Which are used to produce screws, nuts, rivets, nails. We can provide tools according to your drawings, or design for you. 4. Finished screws, nuts, rivets: Including standard DIN, ANSI, JIS fastener, or special specification. 5. Know-how and management: Konfu has complete experience, from choosing and treating the wire rods to the after treatment. We are always glad to share the producing process, producing technique, or quality control system with our client and fraternities. We have a long history in fastener business and complete experience, which cover material, machine, forming tools, manufacturing, and finish treatment. But what makes us different from the other fraternities is, we have excellent quality control system, passion in promoting the quality of our products, and professional multi-language staffs. All these facts make our products worldwide sale in nearly 60 countries, including north and West Europe, Russia, Africa, China, and North & South America. If our products and service match your need and expect, please feel free to contact with us.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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