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Bending equipments, world export and technological innovation Sertom M.M. is an economic reality hard oriented towards the world export and technological innovation. Its history itself is already a guarantee of reliability, seriousness and reputation. In its 40 years activity Sertom M.M., supported by the innovative managing of its founder, could reach and often anticipate all technological progresses in the metal forming sector.The "inventions" of Mr. Tommaso Seravesi always put Sertom M.M. in pole position in respect to the competitors, who had to run after him.The passion of projecting and realising new solutions was always bound to the easy use and safety improvements, because every changing comes out of an everyday use and of a careful study of the practical applications. The tendency of the company to innovation finds a strategic factor in the internal project and the presence of project managers abroad located in many Nations; they all are periodically up-dated with specialised trainings. Sertom M.M., plate bending equipments, avails itself of the support of the Engineering University of Brescia, co-operating either in the realisation of ambitious projects and testing new devices. Notwithstanding the deep growth that brought the company from the ancient handicraft reality to an industrial dimension, Sertom M.M. could keep a simple managing, typical of the family campanies. The coming of the second generation into the company allowed to keep a strict relationship with the clientele, never forgetting the personal relationships and the direct contact, and setting its industrial programs in such a way to control the production cycle and grant in all phases the highest quality.  

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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25060, Italy, Collebeato/BS, Via E. Mattei, 16 B

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