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Hisar Metal Industries Ltd.

Hisar Metal Industries Ltd. was set up at Hisar,Haryana in the year 1991 to produce high pecision, utra thin stainless steel Strips Hisar is popularly known as the ‘Stainless Steel City of India’. Stainless Steel, since its first cast in the year 1913, has come a long way. Today, Stainless Steel is widely used not only by the heavy industries but also by small and medium industries that manufacture our day to day utility products. The demand base of the Indian stainless steel industry is second to textile industry in terms of sheer magnitude. No doubt Stainless Steel is called - the versatile metal, because of its numerous applications and extra ordinary properties. Over the years, Hisar Metal has achieved phenomenal growth. Utilising state-of-the-art-technology and high precision imported machinery, we are able to manufacture ultra thin (upto 0.05mm) high precision Stainless Steel Strips with dimensional accuracy, excellent flatness and smooth surface finish. Backed by a dedicated, skilled technical workforce and a flair to excel in providing services made it possible for Hisar Metal to stand out as one of the leading suppliers of high quality Stainless Steel Strips to the domestic as well as overseas industries. We have never allowed the slightest leniency in obeying our stringent quality control procedures. Captive Power We have our own captive power supply to sustain internal consumption. Recently installed 6.5 MW Gensets cater to our needs in excess to our requirement

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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125005, India, Hisar, Haryana, Near IDC

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