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Wardwell Braiding Co.

Wardwell was founded in 1911 by industrialist Simon Willard Wardwell. A visionary thinker, he was awarded 38 patents for his braiding machine technology. For more than 100 years, the name Wardwell has been and remains synonymous with braiding. The history of Wardwell Braiding Co. is closely intertwined with that of the braiding industry itself. Simon Wardwell passed away in 1921 and he would be impressed with the current role braiding plays in numerous products and applications. The original high-speed braiding machine introduced by Wardwell to interlock textile yarns and wire filaments has morphed into an efficient and productive unit used to shield data, control and coaxial cables, and reinforce pressure hoses and electrical harnesses. Current machine configurations are as varied as the customers who use them. They must meet multiple safety and performance standards and include an array of standard and optional features – safety interlocking switches, core run-out sensor, empty bobbin detector, single end broken detector, central lubrication system, longitudinal and spiral taping units, programmable counters and many others. The materials used for braiding have also changed over the years and now include bare and plated copper, aluminum, alloys, stainless steel, man-made fibers and Teflon coated yarns. Wardwell has built and sold more than 60,000 units over the life of the company and we can build one for your application. Wardwell offers Maypole style machines in sizes of 3 -144 carriers and Rotary (deflector) style in 16 and 24 carriers. Standard design features include high speed operation, frequency motor drives a variety of stand sizes or separate payoff and take-up up to 2000 mm. Whatever your need, the industry name, synonymous with braiding, possesses the know-how and the product to meet your needs. The line of semi-automatic winders (model 905) and payoffs are the perfect complement to your braiding operation.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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