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IWCEA France c/o CONDUCTIX Delachaux

Our association federates many French speaking companies that supply the “Cable Industry”. They can be linked to the Metal Cable business, to the Electrical Cable Business or to the Fiber Optic Business. Just clicking on the links to our members websites I suggest you to have a look to the technical know-how and the services that these companies provide. Our association was created in 1988 to face the need of increasing the sales Worldwide. From that time, an active support to the medium size companies as well as the subsidiaries of bigger groups has been proposed to promote international presence. So, our association focus on 3 major targets :Gather all the energies to make more, which means :Create a companies network to exchange information on potential customers, markets, agents…Organise French speaking pavilions on international exhibitions to promote the global know-how provided by our members to our IndustryGlobalize the surface during international exhibitions where our members can participate reducing the costsOrganize technical conferences to promote our members innovationsProvide our members some market/country complete surveys / analysis :A specific focus on BRIC markets has been made for these surveysOnce again, many members would not be able to finance such commercial information research by their ownInfluence the global international exhibitions offers provided to our industry :This final target is achieved thanks to our subscription to IWCEA International which gather various national associationsOur wish is – by a targeted support to some exhibition organisers – to avoid the dispersion of our industrial members in front of the huge shows offer. A restricted number of exhibitions well geographically located worldwide should allow the companies to meet all their customers, keeping in mind the economical efficiency. I have just described the formal aspect of our association, but I am convinced that I forgot many informal advantaged that our members can meet. When you target a development on a specific country, this is really efficient to meet & exchange ideas with other company’s directors that are linked to the same industrial area and that benefit from more than 20 years experience in that country !I would like to add also it is really nice that your managers who will discover a new country during one exhibition, be accompanied by a group of other managers that know that country. Moreover, we are an association : some new development axis are available when several members ask for, as far as the board validated that request and as far as all good wills work for that ! My enthusiasm to describe the interest of our sector organisation form, light and efficient, should not hide one important legal question: the respect of any confidential information for companies that are in competition and the respect of the European rules on Competition. Among the membership companies of IWCEA France & French speaking countries, very few companies are in competition. For the few ones, we scrupulously look after the legal rules respect. It is often reproaches the French Industry of not being able to support the Small & Medium size exporting industrial companies, not being able to gather them into clusters, so I am especially proud that our association gather nice small & medium size companies that are well known Worldwide, or even smaller companies turned toward the technical innovation... See you soon Valéry MERCIER - VP Global EnamelIVA Meyzieu France145, rue de la République BP 83 69882 Meyzieu France(33) 478 04 50 06 phone (33) 622 03 31 50 Peggy Grillet, administration managerRositsa Spilkova, administration assistant

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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