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Butler Engineering Ltd., T.

TBE ­– ‘Competitiveness Through Innovation’ IntroductionAs of December 2013, TBE has delivered almost 190 machines to the global market. Dedication to performance and quality has brought T. Butler Engineering, Ltd. (TBE) a long way since Tom and Joan Butler set up the company in 1988. Machine number 100 was delivered to a company in the United States during the past few years. Although TBE has grown, the same dedication is apparent today among all members of the TBE organisation, located just outside Waterford in southern Ireland. TBE Multiform machines are now used worldwide to produce complicated wire forms, springs, assemblies & specialised components for industries such as automotive, domestic appliance, agricultural, construction and medical. The First MachinesStarting slowly, TBE delivered its first machine to an Irish company in 1990, for production of wire forms for the construction industry. That customer continues to purchase TBE machines today. Over the next several years, machines were supplied to England to automotive suppliers for production of components such as lock rods and torque rods. Use of hydraulics to power-form tooling eliminated the need for cams and provided improved tolerance capability for TBE users. Rapidly gaining recognition for its effective use of hydraulics for wire forming, in 1993 TBE developed software utilizing a standard PLC for open-loop proportional control of servo hydraulic valves. The TBE Multiform’s ability to achieve improved process capability quickly opened doors throughout Europe and then North America. Today’s MachinesAlong the way, TBE also perfected simple, fast and accurate transfer systems allowing total automation of complicated parts such as double body brake springs, rake tines, seating wires or 3-D wire forms. Parts normally requiring three or more secondary operations, are now completed in one operation on TBE Multiform machines. Secondary operations such as trimming, looping, coining, threading, upsetting, chamfering and welding are now commonplace on TBE Multiform machines. High-speed feed rates, accurate transfer systems and most importantly the vision required to integrate the process, enables TBE to consistently satisfy its customers. Research and development is continuous at TBE. Since the introduction of touch screen programming in 1998, TBE have developed their machines with the addition of digital AC servo drives, highspeed feed systems, coiling heads and rotating wire. Today, there are six Multiform models all with CNC feeding, multiple axes, servo winding, servo forming, press attachments, rotating wire, integrated welding, a roll thread attachment, chamfer heads, dual feeds and multipart capability. During 2007 and 2008, TBE introduced the advanced Multibend product. This product facilitates exceptional flexibility and production speeds, allowing for a rapid return on investment for the prospective customer. At present, TBE has delivered approximately twenty five Multibend Machines to the market. During 2009 and 2010, a further series of enhancements have been made to the Multibend series, in the areas of programming, flexibility and wire straightening - with a revolutionary optional combined straightening system now available across the Multibend series. The beginning of 2011 has seen the introduction of the 'HS' High Speed Multibend series. During Q4 - 2011 and 2012 - the company is the launching the TBE Sinubend Series - an industry leading development for the production of complex Sinuous Wire Forms and related components. During April 2014; yet another innovation, the TBE Multibend ‘E Series’ will be added to the range of TBE machinery; representing significant advancements over existing TBE Multibend Series technology. SummaryTo compete in today’s marketplace, cost must be removed from the product without sacrificing quality or service to the customer. In many cases, automation is the answer. For companies choosing to compete by investing in technology, TBE offers a solution with the opportunity to improve the product. The company continues to deliver highly advanced equipment around the globe.

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