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Drumet Liny i Druty Sp. z o.o.

Traditions of our Company reach 1895, when the Wire Product Factory C. Klauke was built in the centre of Włocławek, which produced barbed wire and wire net at the beginning. In years 1900 - 1914, a considerable development of the Factory was observed. In those years, new machines for wire rope production was bought, which allowed production of new products - steel wire ropes - and increase in employment. Due to high quality of its products, the Factory achieved very good opinion and delivered its products to regular domestic and foreign customers. During the World War I, the Factory was completely devastated, but its basic departments were put into operation and the production was started again in 1919-1920. During the World War II, the Factory was operated with German management, and its complete production was for military purposes. After the war, the Rope and Wire Factory (Fabryka Lin i Drutu - FLiD) was put into operation again in 1945, when the production departments were started in sequence. A new, modern Factory was built in eastern section of the town in years 1969 - 1973. In new production rooms of patenting, wire drawing and rope production departments, new machines and equipment imported from Belgium, Italy and Germany were installed. Auxiliary facilities, such as: workshops, pickling plant, wastewater treatment plant, warehouses, railway siding, gas pipeline and social and administration facility was put into operation. Due to changes in Polish economy at the beginning of nineties, Fabryka Lin i Drutu DRUMET was converted into the Single-person State Treasure Company in 1991, and into a private stock company FLiD DRUMET SA in 14 July 1994. In 1996, the Company was awarded a distinction of prestige "Cleaner Production Factory Certificate" and obtained the ISO 9002 Certificate, which proves high quality of products manufactured by us. In 1998, the production of two new product groups was started: staple band for production of stitches and wire ropes for passenger lifts, and, in 2000, production of non-rotating ropes was added. During next years, realization of investing program has been begun, new machines were bought, and it is been planning to impel new productions lines, including line to wire's electrolytic galvanization. In 2004 company has launched and uses system of quality management, which grants needs of EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. Modern machine park, fast growing production capacity and high quality of our products gives Drumet the leader status, as well on the domestic market, as on the world market.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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87-800, Poland, Wloclawek, Ul Polna. 26/74

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