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When the first kilometres of polyamide filament yarn called SILON were being manufactured at the beginning of January 1950, hardly anybody could have foreseen that the company named after its first product would experience such fundamental changes and achieve a place at the top of its in the years to come. During the sixties, SILON, the first in the Czechoslovak Republic, began producing the Tesil polyester staple fibres that have become the main production programme of this enterprise. Through technological modernization as well as through development of polyester fibres, SILON has grown from its basic assortment of polyester staple fibres and tows to todays rich array of standart product as well as specialized ones. Polyester staple fibres are an essential raw material for the textile industry. A minor part of the polyester staple production process served as material for the new production of filling fleeces and webbings and later also for production on non-wovens being used for the manufacture of bituminous roofing, waterproofing strips and floor coverings. In the mid-seventies, SILON, with more than 2200 workers, became one of the most important factories in the South – Bohemian region. Since the beginning of the eighties the production of injection moulding of plastics and production of filled modified polyolefins has been underway at SILON. This activity has been characterized by a dynamically increasing production as well as by the breadth of assortment being produced. With its compound materials based on polyolefins, SILON has covered about 60% of the domestic market consumption being the sole largescale producer in the Czech Republic.SILON is the largest producer of polyester fibres and compounds in Central Europe. With our modern and diverse product portfolio, along with a complete range of technical services, we define our mission to be more than a company selling plastics raw materials. We match our customers. Wishes with new and creative ideas to develop products, services and production technologies

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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39102, Czech Republic, Sezimovo Usti, Plana nad Luznici Prumyslova 451

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