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Repsol is an international, integrated crude oil, chemicals and gas company. It is one of the ten largest private companies in the world and the largest private energy company in Latin America, in terms of assets.Repsol Chemicals, as part of this large company, benefits from a high degree of integration. The company is client-oriented and fully engaged in creating products of added value, thanks to its firm commitment to technology which translates into continual improvements offering clients competitive advantages.The company’s production capacity is in excess of six million tonnes per year, made up of olefins and aromatics, intermediate products and polyolefins, and its products are marketed in over 90 countries.These products are used for manufacturing everyday objects, which are directly related to agriculture, the food industry, thermal and acoustic insulation, the motor industry, electronics and communications, hygiene, as well as for the sports and leisure industry, providing us with greater comfort, health, and safety in our everyday lives.Repsol Chemicals manufactures and develops specific products for telecommunication and power cables, to comply with the particular requirements of each application. These products are manufactured with competitive technological processes: - LDPE: high pressure autoclave and tubular reactors- HDPE: process slurry tubular reactor- EVA copolymer: high pressure autoclave reactor- PP: Spheripol process Repsol manufactures LDPE, HDPE, as well as, EVA and EBA copolymers for: power cables, insulation, telecommunications, jacketing and special compounds. Repsol also manufactures optical fibre cable and power cable fillers as well as protection compounds for traction wires.Repsol Lubricants and Specialties produces and markets a wide range of Compounds formulated on the basis of raw materials of different types (mineral and synthetic) for the filling and protection of different types of cables for Telecommunications, Power and Traction.It distinguishes between Compounds for the Filling and Flooding of Telecommunications cables (for Conventional and for Optical Fibre Telephone Lines) and External Protection Compounds for Power cables, Traction cables and Special cables.Repsol Lubricants and Specialties adapts to the changes and demands of the market and clients by formulating and developing special “customised” Compounds to meet each client´s needs.


REPSOL - Plastic raw material

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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