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Jailaxmi-Special Steels

Jailaxmi-Special Steel is India’s latest Integrated Steel Mill producing Alloy , Stainless Steel - Quenched & Tempered Or Annealed ( 1.4021/AISI 420 & 1.4006/AISI 410) & Carbón Steel long products. In stainless steel we specialize in 1.4021/AISI 420 & 1.4006/AISI 410 Q&T Bright Bars, our prices are amongst the lowest in stainless steel range .  Process Route: EIF/LD Converter, Ladle Refining Furnace, Vaccum Degassing , Con-Cast , Rolling , Heat treatment –Annealing , Bright Bars etc at one location.Our in- mold Electro Magnetic Stirrer is from Danielli (France) & a new Vacuum Degassing plant supplied by Oerlikon Leybold (Germany) and installed by Siemens (India). Product range: 1) Hot Rolled Round Bars : 19mm (3/4") to 110 mm (4-3/8") Dia including heat treated bars ( Annealed or Q&T)2) Rolled Billets /RCS: 63 X63, 75 X 75, 80 X 80, 90X90 , 100X 100 mm.3) Concast Steel Billets: 100x 100 , 115 x 115, 130 x 130 ,160x 160 ,200x 240 mm4) Bright Bars : 3/4"( 19 mm) to 4"( 100 m) including heat treated bars ( Annealed or Quenched & Tempered)5) Hot Rolled Flat bars in various steel grades and size combinations. You could mix a container load of order consisting of various grades, sizes of ( presume none of the Indian Steel Mill is able to offer such a mix in our product range)Hot Rolled Round BarsHot Rolled Flat BarsBright Round BarsHot Rolled Billets/RCSCon-Cast Billets. Worldwide our products are well accepted in around 30 countries. Our VD Plant is equipped with new technology of dry pumps which enables us to instantly start the system. We are first unit in India to install this latest technology. These pumps also ensures achieving vacuum levels of 1 millibar much faster ensuring better degassing for longer periods and thus resulting in improved quality of steel. Our heat size is of 27 Tons there by enabling offer better choice to customers to get steel produced to their specifications. In case of interest, please advise specific enquiry or ask for our company brochurebest regardsRajesh JagnaniVice President-Int’l SalesMobile# 98205 47109 JAILAXMI CASTING & ALLOYS PVT. LTD.( ISO 9001: 2008)Export Sales : Mumbai, INDIA.Tel : ( 91 22) 28813066 / 28813086Fax : ( 91 22) 28813086Email : jcapl.exports@gmail.comstainless@jailaxmispecialsteel.comWebsite : www.jailaxmispecialsteel.comSkype : jailaxmi.steelLinkedin :  

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