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DYM Co. Ltd.

At DYM, we work closely with our customers and industry partners to provide innovative solutions for the EHV compounds manufacturing proved by our Japan electric power utilities as a first time in Korea. Presently, we are now providing many countries with our qualified product to Japan, Europe, PR China, Middle East, India, Asian countries, North & South America and Russia etc having over 26 countries and it is caused by our proven technologies for the decades. In the year of 2002, we have already developed the 345KV class EHV semi-conductive compounds and our government has accepted DYM products quality and DYM was given a prize for the “World Top Class Product”, “World First Class Company” as well as “The President Prize in the competition of Korea Precise Industrial Technologies” in 2007. In addition, we are leaders in the Halogen Free Flame Retardant Compounds required the environmental concept with safety to use the cable industry and it has been already approved by the International Standard. Also, DYM has a “Silane Cross Linkable Compounds” taking a plastic property in the working conditions with which it has an elastic feature and it can be applied to the flame retardant insulation purpose, Jacketing materials and Semi-conductive fields.  The high-qualified cable demands are sharply increasing to the several industries to meet the rapid-growth requirements with full reliability and safety in these days. As a world-leading provider of technology-driven solutions for the wire and cable industry, DYM Co., Ltd brings more than 20 years of experience to the cable compounds production especially cable applications. At the same time, we have continuously accumulated technical know-how withJapancable companies so far. To meet the world-class power, telecommunications and flame retardant/ specialty cable applications, we have made the modern production facilities at the different areas inKorea. - Factory No. 1: HV EPR insulation and Rubber compounds. - Factory No. 2: HFFR compounds - Factory No. 3: EHV/ HV Semi-conductive compounds. Moreover, we are focusing on the insulation & shielding materials to be used in the Mobile phone, Automobile, Building wire and Electric train wire creating the new technologies. Furthermore, we will do more pay attention to the best product quality & technologies and we look forward to having an opportunity of serving you with “The innovating DYM with customer’s satisfaction!” and “The DYM to be respected to all of our customers!”    

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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331290, South Korea, Cheonan-City, Choongnam, # 624-2 Upseong-Dong

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