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SIDASA, which started its activities in 1952 in the fields of chemical processes for electroplating (basically for zinc, nickel and chrome plating), has in time been expanding and developing new departments and new types of finishing. This website contains just a summary of that evolution. Moreover, the need of an increase in productivity and an improvement in the quality of the various finishings prompted us to undertake in 1960 the design and the building of automatic plants for electroplating. Today, these activities range over a wide variety of plants for washing and pretreatments, powder painting, cataphoresis, etc. Seeing that our customers were increasingly compelled to carry out an ecological treatment of plating wastes, SIDASA set up, in 1975, a specialized department to deal with this subject, and began to build plants that should meet the requirements of the various treatments and regulations. Desirous of taking the same course in other countries, SIDASA set up UNISIDA GALVANOTECNIA LTDA in Portugal 1969, then UNISIDA SARL (Paris), and later on, in 1992 UNISIDA EUROPLATING in Italy (Milan). In this international expansion of our company, we endeavoured to spread our activities to countries where we could either directly or through our agents give a prompt and effective assistance to the customer. A company is nothing more than the people which make it up. SIDASA is the team of people who care about your needs, the technician who explains a new process or who adjusts your bath. This strategy is based on several principles that represent the essential philosophy of our company, such as: - To treat our human team as a priority over the other elements making up our organization. - Innovating through creative thinking. - Quick and effective technical assistance to the customer anywhere in the world. - Quality optimization in production together with the highest safety. - Emphatic protection of the environment.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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