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Asil Celik San. ve Tic. A.S.

ASİL ÇELIK A.Ş. is the leading Turkish Corporation producing high quality alloyed, non-alloyed and high alloyed hot rolled steel products. The mill has been established in 1974 and started to operate in 1979 with the license of Thyssen Edelstahlwerke. In 2000, state owned company was privatized. The new owner is GÜRİŞ&YAZICI Consortium. ASİL ÇELIK A.Ş. produces flat bars ( 6-60 x 50-120 ), round bars ( 19 mm to 220 mm), round cornered square billets ( 50 – 245 mm), hexagonal bars ( 18 – 67), plates, grayder blades and by our new investment of wire rod in coil line, small coil sizes 6-18 mm and large coil sizes 19-60 mm. The company is the only producer in Turkey, which use ingot casting, along with 4 strand continuous casting. Main strategy of ASİL ÇELIK A.Ş. is to offer competitive prices using automated processes at all stages, applying quality and product improvement techniques. Products of ASİL ÇELIK A.Ş. can be grouped as heat treating, ball bearing, free cutting, cold and hot working tool steel, boron steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, micro alloyed steel, spring steel and case hardening steel. The production system of ASİL ÇELIK A.Ş. is principally customer order oriented, without holding any stock. Moreover, the plant is equipped with several production lines flexible enough to meet varied customer requirements. Currently the company’s annual hot rolled product capacity is 410,000 mtons. 70 % of Turkey’s total quality steel production is made by ASİL ÇELİK A.Ş. and 40 % of its total production is for export. The automotive sector accounts for 70% of the company’s total sales and our aim is to benefit from developments in the sector both in Turkey and in global markets. The reputation of ASİL ÇELIK A.Ş. for high quality and short delivery times has contributed substantially to its expansion abroad that is mainly Europe, Middle East, USA, Far East. Since 1979, many companies in Europe ( Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Belgium), Middle East (Egypt, Israel, U.A.E.) , Far East ( Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Pakistan, China ), Australia, USA, Mexico became our customers. All efforts are directed to build on our reputation for superior product performance and reliability. As a result, we, with a specialized staff, are dedicated to meet our client’s requirements and facilitate our brand loyalty in the world’s hot rolled steel market that we remain.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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16800, Turkey, Orhangazi / Bursa, Gemic Köyü Mevkii

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