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Lamifil is a leading provider of solutions for energy transport and specific mechanical applications. Since many years we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality aluminium and copper alloy products. In the range of aluminium semi-finished products Lamifil supplies aluminium alloy wires used by partners working in various markets. Our wire is fine-tuned to meet specific customer requirements. Lamifil is constantly working on extending our product portfolio in this segment. Our aluminium alloy wires can be used for drawing, cold forming (e.g. fasteners), continuous rotary extrusion (e.g. tubes, multivoids, …) and forging (e.g. structural parts). The advantages for the use of aluminium alloys are its middle to high strength, weight reduction, good workability, high corrosion resistance and others. For forging applications continuous casted wire products can be more beneficial than using billet technology. Another advantage of working with continuous casted products is a constant quality level of the product. In the field of copper semi finished products Lamifil can deliver different kinds of alloys, such as CuMg, CuSn, CuAg used in various markets. CuMg wires for signalling cables are being used to reduce cross sections. The advantage of using CuMg is its high tensile strength and good conductivity combined with excellent flexlife. Also CuSn and other alloys are looked at by the market to offer an alternative to bare Cu wires and cables used in the cable harness. As an innovative player, Lamifil is continuously responding to customer needs, to offer the best solution, based on its years of experience and in-house metal know-how. For further information, visit our website

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