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Emcocables S.A.

Emcocables was founded in 1960 by a group of Colombian industrials and the North American company, Paulsen Wire Corporation, fabricator of steel cables in the United States. This company contributed their technology as well as their technical expertise to Emcocables.Initially, Emcocables only fabricated steel cables and for that purpose, they imported the required wire. The necessity for self-sufficiency and the desire to augment its technological capacity caused Emcocables to begin production of wire in 1965.The decade of the 70’s marked the initiation of the diversification of products, such as tire bead wire, wires and strands for the pre-stressing of concrete, galvinized wire for electrical conductors, guard cables, and wire for welding as well as other wires for various uses.At the end of 1988, Emcocables began production of aluminized wire and strands for electrical uses. They received great laude for their high resistance against corrosion.In 1992 the company undertook a new phase with the construction of a new factory in the municipality of Cajicá, where the entire production process currently takes place for the following areas:ElectricalFishingMining and OilAgriculturalSpring MakersLumberElevatorConstructionEmcocables produces an extensive range of steel cables, distributes all over the country as well as all over the world.The wires used to produce the steel cables are drawn with an extreme precision with our own drawing machine. These wires comply with the international specifications for steel cables in which it fits to note that of the American Petroleum Institute Spec 9A. and the Federal Specification of the United States of America. RR.W410E.The grades, finishes, diameters, and quantities of steel wires can be combined to obtain a great variation in kinds of steel cables. Each one of these cables has different combinations and designed characteristics in order to achieve maximum performance in its assigned task. Each kind of cable is fabricated in a wide range of diameters.Our products are utilized practically en every kind of work, be it industrial, maritime, oil, construction, mining, lumber, etc.The quality of the products is the reason for being of our company, which is based in our slogan “The quality of our products and service, support their image.”

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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