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Inosym Ltd.

Inosym is committed to providing our customers with world class Quality reels and Bobbins at competitive prices. About Inosym The Inosym reels were developed 10 years ago to provide the cable and wire manufacturers with a product that was realistically priced and of high quality. We believe we are achieving this and assisting our customers to reduce capital expenditure and increase profits. Today Inosym supply a range of Steel and ABS plastic reels to over 35 countries worldwide. Our reels are manufactured to international standards and are suitable for all cable and wire making processes from high-speed wire drawing reels to large take-up reels. Products ABS plastic reels 300mm – 1000mm MF (Metal Flange) Press metal process reels SM (Semi Machined Double wall high speed reels FM (Fully Machined) steel high speed reels SD (steel Drums) Large steel process and shipping Drums Capabilities Inosym reels are manufactured to DIN International Standards or as per the customer specific requirements. With over 250,000 square feet of production space, Inosym can offer fast delivery of large and small orders. Sales Office Please visit our web site where you will find the contact details for your local inosym representative or contact inosym directly.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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8041, NZ, Christchurch, 39 Hinau St, Riccorton

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