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IWG High Performance Conductors

IWG High Performance ConductorsA World Leader in High-Performance ConductorsWith corporate headquarters in Inman, South Carolina, IWG Performance Conductors is the world's leading fabricator of specialty high-performance conductors for the aerospace, medical, automotive, computer, telecommunications, mass transportation, geophysical and electronics markets. For more than 100 years, we have led the way in developing new conductor products and processes to meet our customers' ever-evolving needs.Our manufacturing facilities are totally committed to service and quality through product innovation with advanced manufacturing, research and development, and engineering support. Manufacturing facilities are in Inman, South Carolina and Trenton, Georgia.The facility in Inman, South Carolina, is the world's largest facility for producing specialty conductors, including a full line of silver-plated and nickel-plated copper and copper alloy conductors. Flat wire, composite products, and high-tensile strength alloy conductors are also manufactured at Inman. One year's copper wire production there would result in a single wire long enough to circle the globe 21,548 times.Our award-winning Trenton, Georgia, facility serves as a center of manufacturing excellence and innovation in the production of bare and insulated fine and ultra-fine wire and polyimide tubing for our medical products market. We specialize in the micro-diameter sizes for both our wire and tubing products that are designed to meet custom specifications for the medical electronic/device market. Tubing products include standard pure resin, wire reinforced, conductor embedded, and particle composite tubes. A Global PresenceIWG High Performance Conductors maintains both a national and international presence as a leader in the industry with sales offices located in Inman, South Carolina, and Puurs, Belgium. You will find our products and applications not only throughout North America, but also in markets around the world, including Asia, Europe, Central America, and South America.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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