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Açotécnica S/A Indústria e Comércio

Açotécnica was founded in 1967, is a high technology company specialized in Investment Casting and Special Alloys materials. Presented in several countries around the world our Brazilian unit includes 16,000 square meters and export 70% for Europe, USA, Mercosul and Asia. We attend the demand of automotive, industrial machine, power generation, metallurgical sectors, medical and welding company. Through the lost wax process Açotecnica is capable to produce parts near to the shape. The advantages of this precision casting process are: - Design Flexibility (in form and in materials); - Ability to reproduce details with precision; - Eliminate assembled components by designing a single cast component; - Reduction and/or elimination of machining; Açotécnica has the air process which is used in a wide range of parts and materials that do not require cast in a controlled atmosphere and the vacuum process with a controlled environment for the oxidant elements on the superalloys (Inconel 713C/713LC, GMR235D, MAR246/247). What sets us apart from the industry is the ability to produce its own superalloy. Supplying parts as casted or with heat treatment, machining and assembled set with focus on technology innovation to ensure the reliability and quality by the physical, chemical, ceramic and metallographic laboratories, metrology with a CMM, X-Ray, non destructive tests and others. This is Açotécnica placing its clients interests at front of entire production process always focusing in quality through the ISO/TS 16949 and technology to become a reference in the segment. Açotécnica high technology in investment casting.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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06612-902, Brazil, Jandira - SP, Via de Acesso João de Goes, 1900

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