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Hebei Metals & Engineering Products Co., Ltd.

Hebei Metals & Engineering Products Co., Ltd. mainly supply various products as per customer’s drawing and requirement. Especially for castings . Most of products sell toNorth America, European countries. We provide : As per Mateiral Type: Cast grey iron Cast Ductile Iron Cast malleable iron Cast alloy steel Cast aluminum Cast Brass or Bronze alloy Cast stainless steel Injection plastic ,POLYPROPYLENE,ABS Rubber : Natural rubber,Noperene,EPDM ……   2 As per process Type Casting: green sand casting, resin sand casting, lost wax casting-investment casting lost foam casting-investment casting permanent mould casting shell mould casting rapid prototyping flask moulding…… Forging Stamping Die   3.As per products Vehicle Components Pump and compress Agricultural components Art castings Plumbing and Drainage products No-hub pipe and fittings Manhole cover and frame Wrought iron ornaments Farm Fencing, Valve parts, Engineering & Machinery Parts, Clamp and Outlet for Fire Control System of Construction….   4. As per foundry we have: We possess factory Wuxin Precision Castings Ltd. Set up in 1997 ,get TS16949 in the year of 2006. We posses factory RX with sand castings for grey in and ductile We invest money with sub-contracted factories for Aluminum and Brass/Bronze ,and machining /inspection shop(with CMM,UT,MT,X-RAY, Hardness test. Spectrogragh chemical analysis…)

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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050071, China, Shijiazhuang, 3rd Floor, Middle 4 Building, No.598 West Heping Road

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