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Trasteel International SA

Trasteel, as shareholder of a major refractory manufacturing unit in China, can provide a full range of refractory products for steel making applications, cement plants and industrial furnaces like reheating furnaces for rolling mill or aluminum melting furnaces.Thanks to a team of skilled and long experienced technicians, Trasteel can also provide its Customers with a full range of services for refractories for the steel industry: engineering, manufacturing, logistics, installation supervision, after sales assistance and global refractory management service with guaranteed performance. All the refractory production in Chinese factory is carried out under the direct control of Trasteel engineers: all the materials are passed through strict testing procedures and are successfully delivered to Customers in Europe, North America, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, China, Korea and Japan. Moreover, Trasteel has also become one of the most respected suppliers of graphite electrodes worldwide. Trasteel has established solid partnerships with some of the world’s leading graphite producers and works only with ISO9001:2008 certified suppliers. Their production facilities use modern technology and equipment, with lengthwise graphitization furnaces. The combination of the corrugated shell and cast refractory liner contributes to faster heat transfer by both convection and radiation, and to greater mechanical and thermal stability. Trasteel Graphite Electrodes have been continuously improved, and are produced with top quality needle coke. They are subjected to rigorous testing and control procedures, in order to guarantee a high and consistent

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