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K T Grant, Inc.

For over 60 years KT-Grant, Inc. has been the leading supplier of specialized remote and robotics equipment. Refractory Lining, Slag & Scale Build-up Removal Specialized Demolition Services Vessel and Confined Space Equipment Solutions Rentals KT-Grant, Inc. provides specialized removal of refractory lining, slag and scale build-up in furnaces, ladles, kilns, process vessels, tanks, stacks, and more.We offer rentals for dismantlement, demolition, and high-hazard projects where operators must be kept safely out of harms way. Our remote controlled equipment allows personnel to work from a secure location, reducing their exposure to heat and chemicals. Record setting turnaround times are regularly achieved with our job-proven strategies.   Custom engineered & manufactured equipment KT-Grant is the industry leader in wireless and tethered remote controlled equipment for refractory lining, slag and scale build-up removal.We offer a full line of equipment for the Steel, Aluminum, Non-Ferrous and Foundry, Cement, Copper, Phosphorus, Bauxite, Petrochemical, Specialized Demolition, and related industries. With equipment in over 200 plants in 25 countries, we have a proven track record for superior custom design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation. Repair services & replacement parts When broken equipment or worn out parts are threatening your bottom line, put the expertise of KT-Grant to work for you.Our staff of professional technicians and mechanics is available 24/7, and we also offer phone support as well as in-house rebuilds and repairs. If it's parts you need, our 10,000 square foot warehouse is fully stocked with a complete inventory of replacement parts ready for shipping to your location worldwide. 

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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