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COMPANY PROFILE INDSAT CORPORATION was established in the year 1997. Its registered Office as well as factory is situated at 165, Developed Plot Industrial Estate, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA – 600 096,with the object of Manufacturing of Machined Aluminium Die castings (GDC & PDC) as per the requirement of OEMs.The entire establishment is located in an Eco-friendly environment. Our aim is to extend best possible customer service by delivering on time with quality & optimum cost. ACCREDITATION: Ours is an ISO/TS16949:2009 & ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS from VINCOTTE India certified company and we also obtained EHS (EMS and OHSAS) ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Few of our Valuable customers are:- 01. LUCAS.TVS.LTD02. ASHOK LEYLAND – ENNORE.03. ASHOK LEYLAND – HOSURE UNIT.04. TVS & Sons Ltd.05. COMPACT SYSTEMS – AUSTRALIA.06. FIE –DELPHI – Import Substitution.07. STERLING INDUSTRIES – Indirect Export.08. CRP INDIA LIMITED – (Maruti Udyog Components Ltd)09. ASCO NUMATICS INDIA (P) LTD.10. TATRA TRUCKS INDIA LIMITED.11. W.S. INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED – (Exported to IRAN)12. FCI OEN CONNECTORS LIMITED.13. TVS AUTOSERV GMBH, GERMANY.14. RANE (MADRAS) LTD – VELACHERY, PONDY & Mysore.16. ROYAL ENFIELD.17. Dietech India (P) Ltd.18. K-LITE INDUSTRIES.19. SLINGCO LIMITED - Indirect Export.20. Creative Die casters CAPABILITIES: Our production capacity is around 60 Tons per month on GDC and we have the capacity to produce a single component weighing from 400 Gms to 40Kgs.In PDC we have 100 ton ZITAI & 350 ton TOYO Japan machine fully automatic latest version. Our production capacity PDC unit is Minimum 2 lakhs Shots per month. INFRASTRUCTURE:We have the following in-house infrastructure facilities :-01. Gravity Aluminum Die –Casting foundry02. PDC division with common bulk melting & 2 Holding furnaces (Electrical)03. Tool Room facilities04. Shot Blasting.05. CNC, VMC Machining facilities.06. Machine-Shop.07. Finishing Section.08. Packing Section.09. Fabrication Section.10. Assembly Section. HUMAN RESOURCES:The success team below is the reason for the steady growth of the company.01. Managing Director 01 No.02. Finance Director 01 No.03. Deputy General Manager 01 No.04. Managers 02 Nos.05. Engineers/Quality 02 Nos.06. Die maintenance 01 No07. Foreman 03 Nos.08. Supervisors 04 Nos.09. Operators 44 Nos.10. Administrative Staff 02 Nos.11. Other Category in the campusSanitation, gardening, Security etc 03 Nos. PRODUCTS:The following Aluminium components are being manufactured in our company, 01. Fixing Brackets 19. Heat Sink 02. Pump Housing 20. Cap Water Thermostat 03. Pump Assembly 21. Case Distributor 04. Sump 22. Box Casting 05. C.E Brackets 23. Barrier Top 06. DE Brackets 24. Barrier Down 07. Inlet- Manifold 25. Elbow 08. Governor- Cover 26. End casting 09. Railways- Transmission wheel 27. Housing crank shaft seal 10. Power transmission wheels 28. Nut retaining 11. HSG Oil Seal 29.Aluminium decorative castings 12. Case STG Gear Castings 30.Rectangule path finder –LED Comp 13. Body Bottom Loading Kit 31.Housing Bearing 14. Pipe integral fitting 15. Integral fitting 16. Clutch Booster Holder 17. Aluminium Louver 18. End Cover Housing CUSTOMER GUIDE: Our expertise consists in Step by Step process, in executing order through Quality Management System like ISO/TS 16949:2009 & ISO 9001:2008 CEO MESSAGE: Dear Customer, INDSAT CORPORATION is an Industrial unit, established in the year 1997. Its object is to serve the Industries in the field of Aluminum casting products with necessary infrastructure like GDC & PDC in Foundry, machine shop, skilled personnel, etc., to produce defects-free quality aluminum casting and fully machined components. By all standards, our products are superior in quality, quantity and delivery schedules are prompt and punctual. The entire establishment is located in an Eco-friendly environment. Our aim is to extend best possible customer service to our Clients in time, with the appropriate specifications thus enhancing the product satisfaction. Our production capacity in GDC is around 60 Tons per month and our ability lies in producing a single component weighing from 400Gms to 40 Kgs. We have proper material handling systems to produce big Castings up to 40Kg and we are proud to claim 20% of our production are Exported. We have 100 ton ZITAI PDC Machine & 350 ton fully automatic TOYO machine from Japan with Latest technology. We are proud to secure accreditation of ISO/TS 16949 & ISO9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS from AIB-VINCOTTE International. The best features of our establishment include maintenance of Human Resources Development Cell that takes care of updating and upgrading the working skills of our employees. Our management style enables active involvement of our employee - participation and commitment to our programs and projects on a continuous basis. Right from the processing stage, quality consciousness is ingrained into every employee. Hence quality is not simply adhering to customer’s specifications of drawings but goes beyond that, to achieve total customer satisfaction. Prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow, THE INDSAT CORPORATION with its excellent facilities for Production, Quality Assurance and Training, is fully equipped and geared to make greater forays in the days to come, to turn all opportunities into achievements. We are eager to be parts of your winning team kindly provide us an opportunity. Thanking you,Yours Sincerely, For INDSAT CORPORATION K.S.AnbuselvanC.E.O9841277119

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600 096, India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 165, Developed Plot Estate, Perungudi

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