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SIF s.a.s. di Claudio Formenti & C.

SIFMDC was incorporated in 1989 to study, design, manufacture and market measuring, checking and testing equipment as well as systems that are subsidiary to production addressed to product certification bodies, test laboratories, industries and OEM system manufacturers. SIFMDC originated from a wish of his founder’s, Mr. Claudio Formenti, to set up a company that could react in a flexible way to the customer’s requests, through an organization that needs to be aware of the role that each member has in the achievement of the various goals, along with the associated responsibilities. SIFMDC means Special Innovations Formenti for Measuring Devices Control. Hence, the reference field of its products is voiced by the company’s very name. SIFMDC is a UNI EN ISO 9001-certified Italian reality in continuous growth, with a fine organization, new well-organized operating premises already prepared to face future expansion, with a know-how aged more than 25, financially sound and whose international customers are based in 30 countries. Our first business field was the production of equipment for the electrical cable industry, both for laboratory and production applications. We have accrued wide experience on high-quality, greatly performing and highly reliable products. Our design skills, the use of high-quality parts, our partnership with specialised suppliers allowed us to serve even certification bodies and to be listed among the twenty-one official manufacturers of testing equipment compiled by the Certification Organisations Committee, CTL, of IECEE, International Electrotechnical Commission - System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment, and therefore appear in the CB Bulletin and on the Internet site: .

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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24040, Italy, Stezzano/BG, Via del Carroccio, 104

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