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B2K Co., Ltd.

Aiming to maufacture & provide wires & cables from stainless steel & non ferrous metals in 'Best To Korea' quality, founders and board directors of the company has been studying and researching for more than two years, on top of their long experience as specialist in wire industry, before establishment on before establishment of building up the most efficient and quality assured factory in Korea.As a result, we can now proudly & assurdly declare that our pursuit has been realized with establishment of B2K in the year 2000.Pretty much we are aware that there are too many manufacturers of wires & cables in stainless steel &non-ferrous metals not only in Korea, but in the World. However, we are also pretty much aware that there are too much few manufacturers proven as seriously reliable in Quality, Service and Competitive Price, on the other hand.Here explains the unique reason for existence of B2K and we are now geared up to meet world-wide customers who are desperate in finding supplier practicing Quality Control, Service Management, Price Competition at all times.Now is the time for you to test & try our B2K.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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604843, South Korea, Busan, # 1033-47, Jang Rim-1 Dong, Sa Ha-Gu

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