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INVIMEC was founded in 1963 in Vicenza. The business started with the production of machine tools and special machines for the mechanics, plastics, textile, automotive etc. industries. As the years went on, INVIMEC consolidated its relations with the various branches of mechanics and began to specialise in the production of rolling and forming machines for the small and medium productions. First custom applications were in the jewellery industry, with the introduction in the 1980s of a pioneer innovation: the train rolling mill system for wire and strip rolling, passing over the old concept of single pass rolling mill. In 1996 the company moved to new, larger, custom-designed headquarters, at the border of Vicenza, near the Trade Fair pavilions. Starting from 2000, proceeding with the evolution of the state of the art, INVIMEC was the first company (and still the only one) to develop independent motion rolling mills (SINGLE-DRIVE) for wires, strips, plates and flattened wires. The fast diffusion of the SINGLE-DRIVE technology has led the company to develop many applications for wire and strip rolling of: - precious metals - special alloys - copper, brass, aluminum - hard-to-draw materials - special steels - welding wires Nowadays INVIMEC stands alone on the market in offering the broadest and most diversified range of solutions, from the simplest and most economical to the most technologically advanced machines for preparation: - 5 train models for wire - 6 train models for strip and plate - 5 models of forming machines for tube, pipes and profiles - 4 models of specialized machines for hollow wires for hollow chain, bi and tri-metallic wires Thanks to the internal high-technology equipments, the company manufactures, reproduces, grinds, repair and kind of roll for rolling, forming, shearing and cutting applications.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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36050, Italy, Sovizzo/VI, Via Della Cultura, 17

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