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India Steel Works Ltd

India Steel Industries, previously called Isibars, has been producing bright bars since 1957. In addition to our bright bar plant in Central Mumbai, in 1990 we set up another plant in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai for the manufacture of stainless steel bright bars. Soon thereafter, the company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with an initial public offer of Rs. 16.7 million, which was heavily oversubscribed. We integrated backwards into steel melting and hot-rolling by acquiring a plant in Khopoli, and we expanded capacity, upgraded technology and increased product range. We then started a wire division by setting up a wire-drawing plant at Savroli under the name Isinox Steels Ltd. In 1998 we acquired a state-of-the-art bar < rod rolling mill from Pomini S.p.A. of Italy. Through continuous process and product improvement, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, India Steel is well on its way to becoming a leading global player in stainless steel long products.   Steel Melt Shop The steel melt shop at Khopoli has two melting routes, viz Induction Furnace and Electric Arc Furnace that melt steel efficiently. After melting, the steel is refined in the Ladle Furnace or AOD Converter and sent to the Continuous Casting Machine which casts the liquid metal into billets of required dimensions. We have installed a state-of-the-art Air-treatment system to capture and clean the process-emissions. Modern and well-equipped testing facilites and adherence to ISO 9000 standards ensures that manufacturing process are strictly controlled to deliver high-quality steels to the customers.   Rolling Mills Comprises of two mills – a Continuous Bar & Rod Mill and a Cross-country Bar Mill. The Continuous Bar and Rod Rolling Mill supplied by M/s. POMINI S.P.A of Italy (now Siemens) was commissioned in the year 1998. This is one of the most technologically advanced Bar and Rod Mill in India and is equipped with sophisticated automation systems from M/s. ABB. It is capable of making Wire Rods, Rounds, Hexagonal and Square Bars to precise specifications. The Cross-country Bar Mill has been fully renovated and produces Round Bars, utensil-grade wide-flats and Angle bars. A wide range of hot-rolled long products is available to our customers’ from these 2 Mills.  

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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