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Zeus Techno Inc.

With a history dating back to 1979, when we first started out as a nail manufactuer, Zeus Techno Inc. has grown over the years into the world's best and largest collating machinery manufacturer, playing a leading role in the nail collating industry. Zeus Techno Inc. believes it must provide collators to its customers that are the best value for the cost charged, of any company in the world ! We pledge to our customers to continually improve our collators so all our customers will know there are no more technically advanced collators made any where than at Zeus Techno Inc. We look forward to any suggestions from our customers and will always listen to all their suggestions and try in all ways to help our customers in any way we can! Zeus Techno Inc. was established 28 years ago to produce and collate machine grade nails. About 10 years ago it was decided to stop producing nails and to concentrate full time on designing, manufacturing and marketing collators for the nails and screws industry. Since then, Zeus has moved into a new company owned state of the art factory designed around building collating machinery and accessories only! Also in the last few years zeus has gone from producing three type collators to producing 10 standard models to do every conceivable type of collation used in the world today

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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704-330, South Korea, Daegu City, #997, Daecheon Dong, Dalseo-Gu

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