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Moravia Steel Deutschland GmbH

Values of the Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel Group The Corporate Mission of Třinecké železárny “Together for the Generations to Come” reflects the role of a dominant industrial company that influences the surrounding region of approximately 100 000 citizens. In our corporate mission we declare our joint-responsibility for the development of the surrounding region. The key motto of our strategic framework is QUALITY THROUGH THE AGES. Quality is not a consequence of coincidence; it is always a result of a good intention, honest effort, capable management, and skilful execution; we present a optimal solution from many alternatives. Our Mission Together for the Generations to Come steel production and providing services connected with steel production, its use and following final treatment of metallurgical products with high level of finalizationlong-term development of the region, natural environment protection, improving the quality of life of our staff, partners and citizens in the region Our Vision Advanced industrial company based on steelmaking tradition to be among the top industrial producers in Europeto offer attractive work places for the development and self-realization of leading expertsto achieve the satisfaction of staff with the high quality of its products and services Our Objectives and Projects Strategic objectives are goals we want to reach on the path to fulfilling of our vision. Strategic projects are activities to fulfil these goals. Objectives and projects are divided into four key fields: PartnershipTechnologyStaffManagement Attitudes & Principles Attitudes and principles represent values that are the essence of the entire corporate culture: Client orientationInnovationBusiness spiritFlexibilityContinuous improvementTeam workAlliance mind-setConsistency, observanceSharing knowledge and experienceCommunicationCommon responsibilityDevelopment of trust Our Groundwork Basis of our principles: Staff‘s abilitiesTraditional link between Company and regionTradition since 1839Trade mark – three hammers in a circle

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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51515, Germany, Kürten-Herweg, Cliev 19

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