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Otomec S.r.l.

OTOMEC srl is a leading company in the field of engineering and manufacturing customized CLEANING AND PLATING PLANTS for the wire, cable and strips industry. CLEAN WIRE is vital to improve drawing speed and final quality level, while an ELECTRO PLATED SURFACE (zinc tin nickel brass silver) is required to match the high-level standards for wire and strip technology, like extended life to corrosion, improved power transmission, facilitated lubrication and cost-saving procedures such as forming final products (springs, rivets, buckets etcetera) directly from plated material. Through a wide range of machines, sized to perform small volumes of product as well as large outputs, single or multi strand, reel to reel, speed up to 20 Mt/sec, we are able to provide you all the necessary equipment for your project. Of particular interest are: Model OTO 5 patented modular, multi-functional plant for in-line preparation of iron wire rod - awarded by the European Community for Innovative Features Model OTO4 complete plant for the electroplating of steel and non-ferrous wire Model OTOFF LINE reel to reel or basket plant for copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, superconductor, alloys, fine tubes Model OTO2 in-line coppering of max 5 mm wire speed up to 20 Mt/sec. Compact plants for environmental treatment (water, steam) and auxiliary plants. OTOMEC srl operates world wide, providing exclusive technology as a result of almost hundred years of experience in the field. Through internal Quality Systems, engineering, manufacturing and training, we are able to perform high standards and fair prices.

Otomec S.r.l.

AT OTOMEC WE DO ENGINEER AND MANUFACTURE AFULL RANGE OF MACHINERY FOR CLEANING AND PLATING OF METAL WIRES, STRIPS AND BARS:At WIRE DUSSELDORF 2010 OTOMEC WILL BE EXHIBITING AT HALLE 11 STAND B 28THE FOLLOWING 3 NOVELTIES WILL BE DISPLAYED:The OTO’FF LINE mod.1W ECOPLATER a new concept reel-to-reel and reel-to-basket electroplating System for ferrous and non ferrous wires , with full integrated electronic quality control System for all production parameters : the wire tension , thickness , temperature and physical properties of the chemical and rinse water which are monitored by sensors and recorded. The unit has a very compact design , is easy to set up , made from acid resistant materials and is responsive to environmental issues. It can run at adjustable speed from 60 to 180 mt/min, which makes it attractive for small either large scale of special wire and cable manufacturers.It has been engineered to match with various plating requirements : wire sizes from 0.40 up to 2.60 mm , for base material of copper , brass, steel ,aluminium ,copper clad and alloys , to be plated with silver , tin , nickel and zinc in thickness even more than 50 micron with concentric and uniform deposition.The OTO’FF LINE mod.1W PICOPLATER for the electro plating of capillary wires in a range ofDiameter mm. 0,08 up to mm. 0,30 . Specially designed for precious plating as Silver , Gold , Nickel of very fine wiresThe OTO BAR a new concept of complete line for continuous plating of round bars , threaded bars , rectangular bars and pipes. They are loaded one by one by automatic device and pulled into the galvanic treatment cells. The machine can plate copper bars with Tin , Silver and steel bars or pipes with zinc , chrome. Accurate plating quality and low operating costs make this line preferable to the traditional systemOTOMEC production range of machine :Complete Plating Lines offered on a “ turn key basis” with a wide selection of pay-off ( basket or spool) and take-ups ( vertical ,horizontal spooler , coiler for baskets or drums) For Tin, Silver , Nickel , Zinc , Copper plating. Including chemicals and wiring and cable with CEI – UL approved StandardsEnvironmental ancillary equipment in respect of EPA Standards OTO H2 Water treatment and re-cycling , supplied with Sludge Concentrating unit , Air ventilation and filtration systemOTO’FF LINE MINIPLATERElectro tinning of medium volumes of copper wires with economic level of priceOTO 4 LINEElectro Zinc , Nickel and Copper Plating of Steel wires of 1,0 to 8,0 mm. Performing a 10 micron coating of zinc over 8,00 mm diameter wire at a speed up to 180 mt/min , say 4 Tons/hour output .Also 150 micron Copper coating over 2,00 mm wire at a speed up to 60 mt/min.OTO 5Designed on a “Modular basis” for the Electro Pickling and cleaning of Steel, Aluminium , Brass wire rod. In-Line with drawing operation.OTO 2 HSall stainless steel made, for copper coating of welding wires from 0,60 to 5,00 mm diameter , high speed ,ceramic insert pulleys.OTO STRIPEquipment for the continuous surface treatment of steel , brass , copper coils up to 600 mm width

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