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Gabarro S.A.

The first clients were local farmers using the wire to bale their harvests of cereals and crops. Sales grew quickly crossing the county limits to expand throughout Catalonia and later on, nationwide. Opting for a bigger factory turned out to be necessary, and Sant Guim de Freixenet was the chosen location. Industrialization of the country favoured the company’s expansion and product diversification: in addition to the annealed wire, Gabarro began to manufacture bright wire to meet the demand of new industries. In the early 80’s, Gabarro kick-started its international development and began to consolidate its leading edge in European markets from the 90’s onwards. Today, Gabarró is a reference in Europe by setting the standard in the sector and performing above average. Our company is well positioned at international level, due to its long exposure and presence in foreign markets the genuine power house of our growth. We aim to keeping on striving every single day as a mere reflection of our commitment to work, ethics, people and future.

Gabarro S.A.

Gabarró ist heute eine Referenz in Europa und eines der führenden Unternehmen im Sektor. Das Solvenzniveau der Firma ist hoch und übersteigt deutlich den Durchschnitt in der Branche.Unser Unternehmen ist auf dem internationalem Markt – dem Hauptgeschäftsfeld und Wachstumsmotor von Gabarró - mittlerweile vollständig etabliert. Unsere Bereitschaft, die Chancen welche die Zukunft bereitstellt zu nutzten, wird uns erlauben, unseren Wachstumskurs auf dem nationalen und dem internationalen Markt weiter zu führen.

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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