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Shanghai Kechen Wire & Cable Machinery Co., Ltd.

No.23 Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, also called “Shanghai Transmission Lines Research Institute” (STL for short), established in 1963, is an leading professional research institute specialized in researching and manufacturing transmission line in China including various optical & electronic transmission lines, connectors and assemblies, optical fibers, fiber optic cables, optical devices, optical & electronic transmission systems, as well as special purpose equipment for cable making. KC Machine - Shanghai KECHEN Wire & Cable Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, has grown up from a R&D department of special purpose machinery of No.23 Research Institute, CETC into one of the most professional designer and manufacturer of machineries for wire & cable production. As the China local leader in wire & cable machinery industry, KC Machine offers a comprehensive range of products including, * RF & TV coaxial cable production lines * Telephone & LAN cable production lines * Railway signal cable production lines * Building wire & control cable extrusion lines * Low voltage power cable extrusion lines * Automotive wire extrusion lines * In-door & Out-door Optical cable machineries * Metal tube welding and corrugating lines * FEP, ETFE high temperature extrusion lines * Different types of pay-offs, take-ups, caterpillars, etc. We keep on pursuing profound crafts, excellent technology and satisfying service for our clients and aim at providing cable manufacturer worldwide with stable and reliable production lines for their productivity. On 2012 Dusseldorf Wire & Cable Trade Fair, we are honored to particularly introduce to all cable makers worldwide our new and upgraded PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation extrusion tandem line including type PBJ-80/C.SFS, PBJ-60/C.SFS and PBJ-45/C.SFS. The purpose of PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation extrusion tandem line is to manufacture skin-foam-skin triple-layer cores for high speed cables like LAN cable cat.5, 5e, 6 and 7, mini coaxial cable, USB 3.0, HDMI, INFINI BAND cable, QSFR, etc. The PBJ series extrusion lines are equipped with components of international brand including SIEMENS advanced monitoring and control system, SIKORA online testers, MICRODIA skin-foam-skin crosshead, and MAXIMATOR gas injection system to ensure high quality production. Attention shall also be paid that the PBJ series extrusion lines could also achieve skin-foam-skin + stripe quadruple-layer extrusion by adopting MICRODIA skin-foam-skin + stripe crosshead as well as a 25mm stripe extruder. SPECIFICATIONS OD of Copper Wire: 0.2 – 0.9 mm Insulation Material: PE, PP Foaming Degree: Max. 70% Line Speed: Max. 1500 m/min OD over Insulation: Max. 3.5 mm Structures of Products: Skin-foam-skin, Skin-foam-skin + stripe                                   Skin-foam + stripe, Foam-skin + stripe                                   Solid, Solid + stripe (*As to the above SPECIFICATIONS, texts instead of Table is also acceptable)

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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