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OMCG S.r.l.

OMCG is a world renowned leading manufacturer of bending and forming machines for metallic wire, strip and tube.We introduced the first computerized machine, model CNC16, to the wire forming industry in 1987, and today we continue to lead with envious technological innovations as stated by the various patents pending for new products. Our company can offer a wide range of bending and forming solutions: CNC and multislide mechanical machines, as well as custom machines for special products covering a wide range of applications: muffler hangers, seat frames, seat lumbar springs, wiper arms, strikers, headrests, torsion bars, shopping trolleys, buckles, pail handles, roof hooks, hose clamps, peg boards, coat hanger hooks, bike saddles, swing stoppers and many more …Since 1963 our perseverance has gained us know-how in practically all areas of wire forming, focusing on the following key-points:Wide range of forming solutions: one of the few companies in the market able to provide CNC, mechanical and customized machines with short delivery timeContinuous technological innovations: through constant engineering development of cost-effective solutions.Customer service: we are your reliable partner and will work with you to satisfy your upcoming production needsWorldwide presence: over 900 machines installed in more than 35 countries.OMCG – GIVING FORM TO YOUR IDEAS

Manufacturer / Producer - Metallurgy & Metalworking

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23854, Italy, Olginate/LC, Via Moronata, 46

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